Saturday, February 7, 2009

09 travel calendar

picture courtesy by Paul Kennedy & Andrew Brownbill

This time, I'll fly for something I called my "My Travellogue of Bali"

I always wanted to go to kuta beach (most favorite beach in bali - almost everybody who had been there told me that) sakenan temple,uluwatu temple,jagatnatha temple (to have a shots of great ambiances),the art centre and many more interesting place...
luckly i have an indonesian friend who may help me to take me on tour.

I will be there 6 days beginning 9th - 15th february 2009.

wish me luck!

p.s,tak sabar nak jumpa kawan-kawan foto di sana :)


Atira. said...


good luck!

Hazwan Hashim said...

saya plan nk ke backpacking gak ke Bali and Pulau Jawa June nie..
ade sebarang recommendation?
say pun ade travelblog gak tapi takderla hebat mane.
check la kalau ade mase =)

keep up the great works buddy!