Tuesday, March 3, 2009

travel page

updated my website recently.i'd put another page called TRAVEL & LIVING;

for this section,i will upload my best picture of travel since i want to plan my 09 travel calender.

most probably i will be going to INDIA this May with my diba for a week (or two) backpaking. becauseee weee lovvveeeddd backpacking!


want to share some of my favorites-


Dihyang said...

hi, ur photo very nice. r u using film or digital?

nur-al-AIN said...

cntk nye..
kagum la...
nk gk..
huu x)

amiza_yul said...

chanteknya gambar yang pakcik duduk kat bangku tuh.Sangat unik.Gambar tu yang paling menarik antara banyak-banyak gambar.