Wednesday, April 8, 2009

JUICE Apr '09 issue


Fad Manaf is not the stereotype freelance photographer,on the country,he is self confidentenough not to resort to image making.He is of the modest,playful variety,with plenty to say.
At 25,Fad has covered wide range of pursuits.He is a portrait,wedding,travel photographer for a number of clients and magazines,he does a travel,art&design,documentary photograpy.

Fad loves to travel and the pictures chosen for his small portfolio belong to this side of his photographic life.They are human pictures,good natured and revealing.
His passion for travel is undoubtly responsible for production of his most attractive pictures.Travels that have taken him to the aforementioned United Kingdom,Bangkok,Indonesia as well as around Malaysia-resulting in some of his fine works.But his real work is to conduct a home-based studio in Ampang.He accept all sort of assignments from music shootout to portraiture,design work to wedding."I like this very much", he says, "but i prefer to travel."

He claims to be 'self-made man',having taught himself all he knows about photography,without any
training in the normal way.

As a photographer,his job has always been to tell the story in pictures which are well composed,free form unwanted detail and technically competent.He never been able to spend much time on any moment and this has meant making pictures on the spot and not waiting for more favourable conditions.This method is his real succes and also the real measure of his skill as a photographer.

now his other work has been published in JUNK,cd cover,newpapers,magazines and websites.

"My portfolio is just a representation of my side of the photographic life"

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