Friday, December 5, 2008


Earlier last month (november), i've recieved a call from Adlin Rosli-content manager of Junk magazine.he told me that i'm one of nine creative individual junk's choices for featured on junk december issue and going to interview me about my photographic life.he asked me if im interested,and i told him it would be honoured to be part of this first thing's first,we complete a short interview and photoshoot and they post a completely awesome and cool image that i've shot over the past year.check out HERE for online issue.but don't forget to get the magazine from nearest bookstore.

Thanks to Shermen Mukhtar who did push me.u rock!


JZ said...

gmb aku shoot ada kua x?hahaha

fad said...

xde bang,harem

hpp said...

congratis dudu

aliff said... another kickstart ni.. tahniah duude